I burned a book


Actually, two books.

And they are all the better for it.

I have a laser, so why not laser an inscription? I’m not sure if that’s less or more heartfelt than a handwritten inscription. Hopefully the latter. Or equivalent - I’d take that.

A good friend is in the very early stages of planning a trip for us out to Big Bend National Park… she’s a planner, me - not so much. A well-reviewed piece of literature about the Big Bend region as a whole seemed to be just the right ticket.

Book two seemed like it would accompany book one quite well.


What a fantastic idea! I have friends who actually read! :smile:


Man, hammer out a personalized inscription in minutes. How cool is that?


Neat. You could also write a note on paper, trace, and print it in the book… best of both worlds!


That turned out great! I’ll have to give that a shot now!


:man_facepalming: of course. I haven’t even used the trace feature yet.


Great idea! Came out great, what settings did you use to engrave on paper?


I brought the cover up to .1” without tray and then was around 750 speed, 12 power. It could have probably handled a hair more power or hair less speed for better results.


Neat idea. I wonder if it would be advised to put a sheet of foil under the page being lasered to avoid fires. There are warnings about CUTTING stacked paper. You’re not cutting, but a warning or protective move might be good.


That’s the name of the game. I’ve hammered out little (meaningful) keychains, sew on patches, etc. that would have cost me more money and more time to run into town and buy - and that would likely be something generic from China.


I only engraved on the cover side - so thicker book cover weight paper with no loose pages beneath. The “prop” to get the cover into focal range is actually a heavy chipboard box (that worked well for this but not so well for the puzzles :frowning: ). If one were engraving on an inner page, I would definitely advise isolating the page from those beneath your target page (with tin foil, scrap PG, etc).


Really, really great idea! I would say it is at LEAST equal to a handwritten note.


What a great idea!!!