I can see through.... it

Been pretty head down trying to get my new website up.
Man, so much work right?
People around me are like, “You should make an Etsy shop”,
and I’m like yeah… I should… but they have no idea how much work it is to get it set up with all the samples… sigh

But on a brighter note… this allows me to make gifts for friends to use as photo samples, like the ones here. :slight_smile:


Love this! My daughter is opening a bakery and we talked about glass plates with her logo on the underside. I haven’t done anythign with glass yet. How easy was it?


Nicely done!

Super duper easy. It’s now one of my favorite things to engrave. No masking, no mess. :slight_smile:

@RobinsonLaserworks would you mind sharing the settings? I got a few glass plates from the Dollar Store to play with!

@donnalynn829 I’d be happy to, I know they don’t like Beyond the Manual posts in this section. Can you email me at robinsonlaserworks (at )gmail.com and I’ll give you the deets there? - Shannon

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@RobinsonLaserworks, Shannon, congratulations on your endeavor and the beautiful work on glass.
Just a reminder that this is a public forum where netbots will probably harvest your email and flood you with SPAM. I suggest you edit using the pencil tool to remove your email, an send @donnalynn829 a private message instead.

Or for the benefit of the forum users you can start a new post in the “Beyond the Manual” section with the pictures of your work and the settings used, and link that post to this one.


These are beautiful. I’m sure your friends will feel very lucky indeed!


Beautiful job.


Super nicework! Good luck getting your website up and running.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ve updated my post.

  • Shannon
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Beautiful work. Is it possible to share settings?