I can’t get to my referral link

Hi All! We have just purchased our new pro and have been working through the ‘getting started’ projects. There seems to be a problem as I have printed out the third project (gift tag) 4 times now, but it never gets ticked off the list as done, meaning I can’t get to the last stage which is where I can access my personal referral link.
My free intro to premium has just run out and have paid to subscribe but it hasn’t made any difference.
Is there something I’m doing wrong or is it just stuck?
Loving our new machine btw.
Thank you

Welcome to the forum.
In the Dashboard, click the name of your Glowforge. Your referral code should be there right under “Refer a Friend”


Thanks for your help @dklgood, found the link and seems to be working fine on testing.

Really impressed with the glowforge community, glad to be here.


As to your not being able to get past the last step - first check that there’s not some sort of button to click - especially on smaller screens some folks have their windows zoomed in so buttons can’t be seen. If you’ve got a mouse Control/Command plus rolling the mouse wheel generally does it - or on the keyboard Control/Command and the + and - keys

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Thanks @deirdrebeth i will give it a try :slightly_smiling_face:

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