I cannot get my manual focus to work

For the last couple of days I have been unable to manual focus. I get an error message to refresh my browser or turn my machine on and off. I have the pro. I engrave on wood blocks and cutting boards. Many times the blocks are over an inch thick. The manual focus is more accurate than the auto. I have sent multiple emails to glowforge with a response wanting me to check that my browser was up to date, to change my browser, or pc. and let them know. I have done all these things. I have cleaned the lens, the lens mirror. When trying to focus the printer head does move and seems like it is attempting to focus but then I get the error message. I am having to cancel an order due to this. I am bummed. No one has responded to me since I sent screen shots of browser. Does anyone have an idea what I could do to get my focus working. Getting very discouraged with the Glowforge people. edit: I worded this wrong. I am unable to use the set focus.
I received this from Glowforge a few minutes ago.
Hi Vicky,
I apologize for the delayed response.
I extracted the logs from your Glowforge to investigate, and it looks like the trouble is occurring because the Glowforge is having trouble communicating with the printer head.
I thank you for all of your help and questions. I will keep trying.

Are the blocks at least crumbtray height?

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The manual focus must be between .001 and .5" What measurement are you inputting?

The blocks have to be within about 1/2" of the print head to be within focal range of your Glowforge. If they’re about 1" tall and not sitting on top of something else, they’d be too far away. You’ll get an error if the object is not within the focal range.

I have tried using 1/4 plywood on the crumb tray as well and still have an error message. The glowforge will autofocus and work. Just no manual. The autofocus is not as accurate on the cutting board and blocks. I have never had an issue before this week.

Thank you, they are at the right height. Autofocus will work, just not accurate.

Are you entering the manual height in the Uncertified material or by toggling manual on in the operation interface?

Just to confirm - when you say autofocus do you mean the initial autofocus the machine does by itself whenever you shut the lid or set focus? (Because set focus used correctly is almost always more accurate than manual focus)

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You are right I was using the wrong words. The set focus is not working. It is more accurate. If I engrave without setting focus it will work but it isn’t accurate. Thank you.

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I am sure you know that the key is making sure the red beam lands squarely on your material when you click set focus. If the beam misses the target, repeat until it lands in the right place.


Have you run the lid camera calibration routine? As @deirdrebeth sats, it’s important that the red set focus for lands on your material.
Also worth noting: accuracy is usually best right under the camera/near center of the bed)

It requires the set focus which doesn’t work. Thank you for trying.

I’m so sorry for all the trouble you’ve had with manual focus! We’ve reached out in an email to help fix this, so I’m going to close this topic.