I cannot get the free prints

I am a Premium Member and the system still wants me to pay for them. Am I missing something?

Did you go all the way to the end of checkout…right before you commit? The system is a bit strange for free things, but that’s what you have to do to see that the dollar amount is zero.

Ok thank you I will try that.

No that did not work I went all the way to the end and it took the payment.

Did you log in at the bottom of the page? I had to do that to get the free stuff. And I was already logged into the community.

I am logged in on the page it sees me but still wants to charge me. I don’t get it. Thank you for trying to help me.

I’m sure someone from support will be here soon and can fix things up for you.

Thanks. Just a thought but can you only get 1 a month?

No, you can get all the “Free with Premium” files. I believe the “File of the Month” is free only for one month…after that it costs to purchase it.

Did something happen to my Premium Membership I signed up I believe on December 2nd 2020. Because I cannot print any without paying full price for them. Please help.
Thank you,

Oh, there might be an error in your account that support has to fix from their end…they will fix it for you when they see it, but you need to wait until they check the forum for issues. Give it a day or so and they can get it fixed, along with the accidental purchases.

But it’s manual…it requires their intervention. It’s happened a couple of times. They’ll fix it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ok thank you for your help! I will be out of town for a few days so not a problem thank you again!!!
And have a great New Years! Be safe.

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You too! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am having the same issue, support emailed me and said that everything was fine and they can’t see the issue on their end, but it still wants payment… so I sent them a couple of screenshots showing the issue.Hopefully they get it fixed soon

it won’t even let me get the file of the month free either…kind of frustrating

It actually should say right in the catalog that it’s free and the cost is crossed out. The Design of the Month shows that on the item page. It’s pretty clear now what is free and what isn’t before you even add it to the cart.

Definitely something glitchy going on for some premium users.

Yeah, they might need to look into it again. Are you using the same email that is listed on the account?

Yes, It’s the only email I use for glowforge… just doesn’t make sense to me, but I am guessing after the Holiday weekend, I’ll get a response from support. I hope LOL

I don’t want to point out the obvious because you guys are probably a whole lot more observant than me, but did it say $0 due when you processed the purchase? I wasn’t paying attention and canceled the order because I thought it was going to charge me, but the second time through I noticed the charge was 0. Like I said, I ain’t the brightest bulb in the ceiling sometimes. :joy:

It still wants to charge me for the files when I get to the checkout screen, it doesnt change the price to $0.00 at all