I can't believe I did not see this before


As I sat here for two days, wishing and hoping for my golden ticket, I just realized that the emails people are getting are all for the Basic. Thank goodness for that spreadsheet because it showed me a pattern I did not really catch onto before.

I wasted 2 days under the impression GF were sending these golden E mails in sequential order, that is why I was so excited. Now with the realization I am deflated and again sad seeing the long line of us waiting for our Pro’s. This realization that no golden E mail would be coming to my email any time soon just reminds me that our wait is not almost over.
For those who ordered the PRO, there is still another line, and another wait.

Right now, it is all about the BASIC orders being fulfilled.
Yay for them, they at least get their forges which is a good thing.

heavy sigh

Now I will go back to my regularly scheduled life and try to distract myself from this funk I am back in knowing there is no reason to hover over E mails. We will just wait for the next update. shrug


That is not correct. There are Pros going out and Pros now in the wild who are posting their first projects.


Could it be that the Spreadsheet is not accurately reflecting reality? :laughing:


There are a FEW of them out there, and most likely for Makers Fairs and what not.

The majority of the Pro’s are all still waiting. Take a look.


Again, not what you said originally and the latter is also incorrect. In fact I don’t believe there’s a Pro going to MF - the sponsored MF attendees are going to be using GF corporate machines based on @dan’s last post on the topic.

Since most machines are Pros (I believe it was a 60/40 split if I recall correctly) and they started with Basics it stands to reason that most outstanding shipments are Pros. It’s also likely that the majority of either version are still waiting. There’s nothing Pro specific in that anymore.

But, the whole “shipped in order” thing has been beaten to death. Although never by people who got theirs before the employee and paid backers who had early orders but have to wait until all public orders are delivered (also per @dan).


Pros only started shipping recently so they have some catching up to do but I have seen 7 arrive, 5 in transit and another 6 with emails so far. More pros than basics are going out at the moment.


I am not going on about it being shipped in order.
I am not complaining about being a day 5 purchase and not getting an E mail, because when I look at the list to see who got their Pro last, I see the pattern that the majority did not, as day 1 orders are still waiting to be fulfilled.

If the spreadsheet is any indication of the pattern of disbursement, then the E mails that are going out are for the BASICS, just because A PRO IS IN THE WILD does not mean they are being disbursed at this time.

Please James, do not troll me. I am not asking for a debate, I was just making an observation and sharing it. :slight_smile:


If you look at any of @dan’s big posts about shipping in the last few months, their plans were as follows: ramp up Basic production, ship a bunch of Basic units to US customers, ramp up Pro production, ship a bunch of Pros to US customers, then start working on international shipments.

All the units they shipped prior to a few weeks ago were basics. They just began Pro production a few weeks ago, and it’s still just starting to get ramped up. In a week or two I’d expect them to start shipping a lot of Pros.


Multiple pros have arrived and more people are receiving pro emails. I know this is true because I have received my pro email. Several others have received tracking and are just waiting for the units to physically arrive now. I know the wait sucks, but rest easy as progress is being made. :slight_smile:


People are getting emails for pros at about the same rate as basics from the start of this month.


Say it ain’t so! :laughing:


I want to believe!!!


I’m sorry if you believe I’m trolling you. I’m merely pointing out the error of your observations as have others here. Unfortunately with the 'net being what it is, others who are not involved in the forums may not see that and walk away with a misunderstanding as to the true nature of the current situation.

No debate needed, just suggesting a review of what we can really know (what is being reported by recipients) vs making conclusions from an uncurated & potentially unreliable spreadsheet.


Then believe it, because the spreadsheet is voluntary, updated by users, have had people’s info added to it by others without their consent, and some users have even re-formatted and changed it despite the request written at the top specifically asking people not to do so. What was started with the best intentions has been misused and screwed up by the people it was intended to provide info to.


I think this is the appropriate current status. they are beginning the ramp up Pros to US customers phase.

those of us without GFs yet are in a better position than we were a month ago as things have finally seemed to start ramping up. i don’t know that i believe GF will hit their targets, but i’m more positive about the progress now than i was a month ago.


It doesn’t make sense for Flex to have their workers do individual production of Basic or Pro units throughout the day. If anything, they’ll do an entire model throughout the day – and perhaps the entire week – then switch back and forth. Doing individual models throughout the day would increase the risk of mistakes in process between assembling the two.

I speculated on this schedule after the recent announcement, and I personally think it still holds reasonably true…


That’s if an operation as big as Flex can only produce one type of unit, Basic or Pro, a day, that they cannot have a Production line for each. I don’t know what they capability is, but since you are speculating, can we branch into speculating that they can product both Pro and Basic units, that they might not be on the same production line which they would have to reconfigure when they, as you speculate, change production of unit type.


Flex is a big operation, yes. But they’re not dedicating the entire Flex workforce to production of Glowforges. There’s maybe only about 30 individuals, covering everything from assembly to packaging.


Now that information I had never run across.
I did not know or even think others could access or volunteer the information on my receipt of purchase in my acct to add it to the spreadsheet.

I was just saddened because when I looked at the Pro’s who were still waiting, it goes back to Day 1. I got sad because I want the ones before me to get theirs first, then I know I will get mine, in turn.

It’s like standing in line for a ride and you think you are about to reach the part where you stand in line for a seat, but when you get around the corner, instead of being almost there to be seated, it is another snake of line, and you got a ways to go.
That is the only way I can equate how I felt when I realized there were many other Pro’s not filled in so I let my imagination go with that

Meh, the reality IS, not everyone follows it, nor can we expect everyone to fill it in. I think I will leave it alone and just watch for the progress of others getting the Emails for the Pro’s and hope they start rolling out faster :slight_smile: There are a bunch of people ahead of me so I want to see a bunch of My Pro is commin! posts, that way I know mine is queuing up to arrive!


Are we speculating again? What does the production of a glowforge require? How many people? Where was that photo posted?