I can't find a website

Hello fellow Forgers,

I haven’t seen the site in the search function but it could be that it’s because I can’t word my search properly. I’m looking for a website that you input shapes into (doesn’t matter the amount of shapes or sizes) and it will shove them into the tightest grouping so as to waste the least amount of material. I cannot for the life of me find this site and I’m trying to utilize the most PG I can without looking at piles of scrap.

Does anyone know where I can find this site or even know what I’m talking about? I thought I found it here before which is why it’s driving me nuts. TIA!


I don’t know the website but it’s called nesting software.


YOU’RE AN ANGEL! THANK YOU! I found it. Here it is:


I had experimented with this site before. I hope you all enjoy!


That’s pretty cool. I really like that you can specify the distance between parts, I like to give at least a mm gap between parts. Nice find!

Great find. Should be highly useful.

SUPER Cool! I didn’t know something like this existed. Now if only I could do that with my work day tasks.

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SUPER Cool! I didn’t know something like this existed. Now if only I could do that with my work day tasks.

There’s actually an entire class of algorithms and software that solves the ‘nesting problem’ for various industries as it’s really important to, for example, maximize the number of items that can be packed into a container, or maximize the yield of a 3D print job. Some of the algorithms are amazing - nesting objects inside each other, stacking them, etc., to completely fill the volume of an SLS printer. The really good ones are very expensive, as they can yield amazing material savings (e.g. use 40% less material than manual ‘nesting’), and the better tools can combine adjacent parts’ shared cuts by aligning edges, which speeds the cut time, which is worth a lot to companies doing large volumes of production.

This article is (IMO) interesting reading The Definitive Guide To Nesting Software For Laser Cut Designs .

If you’re really into it, there’s a shocking number of academic math papers on the topic. :slight_smile:

And there are other techniques (e.g. How To Use Nesting Parts in Laser Cutting ) that can really speed up production, if you design for efficient laser cutting. Fun!


I’m mostly intrigued that it can be done. That and simultaneously landing two expended booster rockets.

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That and simultaneously landing two expended booster rockets.

Yes, that was awe inspiring. To think of the millions of things that had to go right to have both rockets perfectly synchronized, doing what until recently most people thought was impossible to do once.


The pictures of a simultaneous landing were awe inspiring but it was not a coordinated process. All three booster cores are autonomous without control from the ground during launch or landing. SpaceX doesn’t even have a person on the ground with a Big Red Destruct Button. The first time such a system has been approved by the FAA. The onboard systems determine when the rocket has veered off course and needs correction or destruction. That way the company avoids expensive Range tracking and control assets.

So its primarily the physics at core release (same altitude, speed, etc.) and the most efficient control commands that determined touchdown time.


That is even cooler!