I can't find my Shipping Estimate

I have read on many posts that people say their shipping estimate is located on the account page. I don’t see anything that mentions my shipping estimate. On the General tab I see my name, email, phone number and the option to change my password. On the Purchase History tab I see Date, Total, Order # and Product Details. I am now just clicking around and trying everything over and over and I am starting to feel like a crazy person.
Is it possible that I just don’t have a delivery estimate (I ordered a PRO on DAY 30 to California)? Not sure what to do, I feel like I’m doing something wrong here.

So excited to get my Glowforge!!!


On your account page, if you click on your email address in the upper right corner of the window it will take you to the right page.

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When I do that it takes me to what I described above. Nothing about a shipping estimate.

It should be on the general tab to the right of your name.

It has appeared and disappeared a couple times. Can’t say for sure whether it is there right now for everyone. My order is a special case so the fact that it’s there or not there isn’t a good data point.

You should at least see the phrase “Estimated Shipping Notification Date” somewhere on that page. If you don’t, try a different browser. I know that I had to do a bit of scrolling to see it on my iphone.

this is what I see on that page.

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Looks like you need an official answer from support then.

I emailed support and asked them for help. Thanks everyone!

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.