I can't get boxes.py to work

I can’t get boxes.py to work. I save the svg file but when I go to download it on the glowforge so I can print. it comes up as an error. Can someone help me please.

It might be the text. Turn off “print reference” setting. Or better yet, open it in a vector editing program like inkscape or illustrator.

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not great with computers. How do I do that?

Are you asking about how to disable the setting on the boxes.py website, or how to open the svg in a vector editing program?

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How to open the svg file. When I go to open the svg file where it downloads on the machine it starts and then it says error try again later.

I don’t know how everyone else does things but this is what I do. And it has worked for me all the time except for boxes.py. I will take an image or svg right click to save image as then I will put it in pictures or files. Then I go to my glowforge click the upload button then click on pictures or files then select the one that I want. Then it automatically downloads on the glowforge. Except for the boxes.py svg files won’t. I hope that helps

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You might try a different browser. I just went to the site with Safari, created a card box and opened it in the GFUI. It gave me no error.

have you tried opening it in a design program and then resaved? just wondering if you get an error opening it elsewhere. and, if not, if resaving fixes whatever issue you’re having. i’ve never taken a box file straight from boxes.py to GFUI, i’ve always edited first, so i haven’t run into that issue.

I don’t use design programs because I can’t understand how to use them. I’m not very computer literate. it took me a very long time to understand the glowforge.

I don’t have any guesses for your boxes.psy error.
Perhaps you’d have better success with a different box maker like https://en.makercase.com or http://getboxomatic.com/ ?

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Maybe you can post the file here?

That’s for sure for most people. There are many folks who are using the Glowforge to dip into the world of digital designing. there is so much to learn.

Again, I would ask what browser are you using? What operating system? Can you post a screenshot of Boxes.Py that is filled in with your settings for the project. Maybe we’ll spot something.

Can you double click on the file? Where does it open, as in, what is the default program that opens *.svg files on that computer? If it displays correctly in a browser tab, that might give us a clue.

And installing Inkscape isn’t too bad and I’d recommend it to anyone to start if you want to go free. Once it is installed. Just right click on the file and it will bring up options that you can then choose to open in Inkscape. That at least would be a major step to learning about svgs. We’ll keep helping if you keep giving us more info.


I’ll try them thanks.

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I’m sorry that you ran into trouble when trying to print your design. It looks like you’ve already received some great advice from our other community members. Thanks folks!

If you decide to download Inkscape, I recommend opening your design from boxes.py in Inkscape and then re-saving it as a plain SVG file. We have a guide on our support site which details how to save files as a plain SVG. Here is a link to the guide: Quick: Saving SVG Design Files

I’m going to move this thread to the Everything Else section of the forum so that the community can continue to discuss this there.

Using a Glowforge without a vector editor like Inkscape, and a pixel editor like Gimp (both free to use) Is rather like having a “Back to the Future” DeLorean and using it to go across the street for groceries. It will be able to do so much more!

The best way to learn them is to start. I had never touched Inkscape before buying the Glowforge, and since it was a long wait before it arrived eased my impatience by just trying out all the commands in Inkscape just to learn how they worked not even getting something to save most of the time.

When it came I was able to do a lot that I could not have done without it.

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I just ran into this yesterday and it took me a bit to figure it out. If your problem is the same as mine, the error is being triggered by the reference rectangle that is included in the SVG. If that’s the case, there are two ways I know to fix it:

1 - Design your box on boxes.py as before. Prior to clicking the “Generate” button, remove the print reference in this way - change the number in the “reference” box under “Default Settings” from 100 to 0. Click generate, and when you upload the file to print, the error should be gone.

2 - Download Inkscape. Open the SVG either by double-clicking it, or open Inkscape, click File > Open, and locate the folder where your file is stored and open it. Scroll to the very bottom of your image, where you will see a rectangle and text that reads “100mm.” (See how the number is displaying outside the rectangle? That’s what’s causing the error). Hover the cursor over one of the edges of the rectangle until it turns into a cursor with an arrow-cross. Click to outline the box and text, then press delete on your keyboard (or right-click within the box and select “Delete”). Click File>Save. Now when you upload to Glowforge the error should be gone.

I hope that does it!


I ran two SVGs from boxes.py this morning. Each started by giving me an error if I tried to upload directly to the GFUI from the file downloaded from boxes.py. To make them work all I did was open the file in Inkscape, press save, and then upload to the GFUI successfully.

Thanks ill try that

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