I can't get my Glowforge to connect to internet> my internet is working

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Every time you post in Problems and Support, it opens a separate service ticket. So, there was a ticket that was open when you made the original post, and that got closed when they moved to the email, which is a support ticket as well. And now you have opened another, separate from that email that they will have to read and deal with before returning to your email ticket. This just slows them down. It is better to just be patient and wait for their response in email, or contact them there.

@pcuda05 wasn’t the OP on the other thread, but I’m not sure how the ticketing system handles “continuing the discussion” threads. Hopefully it has opened a new ticket so they can get their problem addressed!

@pcuda05, you will need to explain what problem you are encountering and what steps you have already taken for troubleshooting, in order for Support to be able to help you when they get here. :slight_smile:

Ah. Sorry. I didn’t notice that. Then, yes, considerably more information will be needed for a new ticket for a new user. Apologies.

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Hi @pcuda05 -

I’ve followed up over email with all the information you’ll need to proceed. Since we’re chatting there, I’m going to close this thread.