I can't keep my Glowforge connected to my WIFI

If I had to rate Glowforge right this minute I would not give it a good rating. The package came in this past weekend and I have only been able to use it twice. It will NOT stay connected to my WIFI (I have excellent WIFI + it’s right next to my WIFI), and every time I go through the setup process (I mean EVERY TIME) I get Congratulations your set up is complete only to go to cut my project to see OFFLINE. VERY FRUSTRATED. SO READY TO RETURN THIS. THE SUPPORT NOT HELPFUL.

Sorry you’re not having a good experience. I’m sure Support is trying. I’m sorry the communication isn’t working.

I will point out that being offline does not mean you should go through setup again. You only need to do setup if you change your WiFi.

Now. Things that can actually help with WiFi include:

  1. Are you certain your router isn’t turning off your 2.4 signal? Many newer routers/ISPs auto shut off “lower” signals.
  2. If no, try moving your router further away. Surprisingly too close can often be an issue.

If neither of those help, try following some of these links:


As mentioned, too close could also be a problem. Mine got fine reception but it went better when I used this.


It was not needed for the Glowforge, but I bought an AT Games pinball that sits next to the glowforge and the Arcade net link was iffy (necessary for logging high scores). This gave both solid strength wifi and even has am ethernet port if necessary.
Solid and strong now and was extremely easy to set up.
If too close is a problem, maybe filtering the signal through a device like this will help. dunno.


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