I changed my address



I live in Louisiana and during the flood last year I had to move. I was hoping that I would be able to get back into my old house but that’s not possible anymore. I need to inform the guys at Glowforge of my change of address. If there’s any imformation anyone can give me that would be great, thank you.


They don’t actually have your address–they will get that from you when they send you an email letting you know your Glowforge is available.


In nearly 2 years of waiting, a few of us have had to move for one reason or another. They will ask you in the “golden ticket” letter.


Have no worries. You’ll be taken care of.


Hi @TorreyFluery, welcome to the forums!
That stinks about your house. Don’t worry too much about the Glowforge; like everyone said, they will ask you for your address in the shipping email.

In the meantime, you should hang out with us on the forums! We’re a friendly bunch!


thank you very much!


thank you very much guys. I appreciate all the helpful info and cheerful welcomes. I’m glad to be apart of this forum and hope you like my work