I created an image with 7 shapes I just want to lock it together

I created an image with 7 shapes I just want to lock it together. I’m new to this can some one just give me a simple step by step explanation?

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The Glowforge interface doesn’t support grouping, but if you draw a shape around all the others in your design software, it will cause them to lock together on import and you can just “ignore” the surrounding shape and not cut it.

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So I have 6 circles and a rectangle around them I want to cut all out together but when I move it it does not all move together. I don’t understand the drawing another shape around it to lock it. So I need to build it in another program?

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Okay, your first question was a little vague, so I gave you a general answer.

You can just select them all and move them together. You can do that by holding shift while you select each one, or else do a “select all” by pressing CTRL-A (Cmd-A for Mac). Or click and drag through all of the shapes with your mouse. All the standard “select stuff” moves will work.


Thanks for the answer @geek2nurse , great suggestions! I’m going to close this thread. Thanks for letting us know about this!