I did a thing: 3D scanner

Kickstarter got me on this one.

I’ve always thought a 3D scanner would be fun, but I never really considered actually buying one. Fast forward to Saturday Night Internet Browsing. There is a Kickstarter for a 3D scanner by Revopoint (they have other 3D scanners) and after debating my own head for a couple hours, I jumped in.
Now I’m really excited by the possibilities. I have the Glowforge, two 3D printers (both FDM and SLA) and a Xcarve CNC that could all benefit from me owning a scanner. The first thing people think of with a scanner is to make decorative objects and such. But what really got me excited was the possibility to make custom parts to fit things perfectly. For example: I have a fossil fish on a slab of rock that I want to hang in a shadow box type frame. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to 3D scan the rock and create custom corner brackets that fit perfectly? Or to cut out a hanger that fits just your claw hammer? See? endless possiblies. :slight_smile:

Here is the kickstarter:
Revopoint MINI: 3D Scanner with 0.02mm precision by Revopoint 3D — Kickstarter


Instead of just sending a card with a photo, you could send a 3D model of your face :smirk:


I wonder how it compares to the 3d scanning of the new iphones? I have a couple apps that do roomscale scanning to get a 3d model of a space, but haven’t looked too closely at capabilities of scanning an object


There are many that can figure out the 3d from several photos, but now small scale Lidar is becoming available that sees in 3d.


Hans Solo frozen in Carbonite style. It would be memorable. :open_mouth:


I will be interested to hear how it works for you and, see what you do with it!

I keep thinking I am going to play with photogrammetry for making scans of some objects.


I can’t wait to see the fruits of this scanner! I suppose I’ll have to wait as you always do with kickstarter.


The iPhone’s lidar is ‘chunky’ even at room scale. Not usable for objects except in the most general sense. Not even useful for rooms without heavy manual post processing. The Revopoint claims sub mm detail :person_shrugging: .

I saw this one too last week and almost pulled the trigger. Looking forward to seeing what you think of it when it shows up!


I’ve had 5 different “inexpensive” 3D Scanners so far, and built two of my own, one from a Kinect and one from scratch using an old PlayStation camera and a cheap laser. None of them have worked all that well, and all of them are now obsoleted by lack of software updates… Looking at this one, I’m still not convinced. It WOULD be nice, though…


I have the Revopoint POP 2. Which I just bought in the last couple months. So far, the parts scanned have been perfect size to the original and it’s very detailed. However, there is a lot of noise on larger items and needed to use 3D scanning spray for the darker items (heard I can use spray deoderant or something cheaper-but I wanted to try out the good stuff first).

Anyways, without my husband’s 3D modeling skills to perfect each file, I’m not sure I could make use of it, but because that’s his speciality, it is a good starting point for 3D files.


Nice to know the POP 2 pretty well. Maybe the mini will be more refined regarding noise. My main interest is smaller simple, objects.

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They claim shipping in August and that’s not too bad if it happens. Then I’ll have to create a project… Now that might take some time. :slight_smile:


It worked fine on the small stuff. Like under 10 inches. My husband had been scanning the car though. That’s not so great.


:slight_smile: I don’t plan on scanning my car and thank goodness because the Mini appears to be less capable for large objects. Max object size for one scan without stitching is just under a 20" cube and that happens to be over the capacity for all of my tools (i.e. Glowforge, xcarve…) without size reduction.


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