I did something stupid

I created an engraving on draftboard and then sealed it. I forgot to rub off the “adhesive tape”. Will it lift do you think? Is this a total loss, I should have realized because when I was brushing it with my sealer I saw white clumps but though Geez I need to replace this it’s starting to clump. :frowning:

If it were me I would let it dry completely then sand all the masking and sealer off the top level, maybe at like 220 grit or so. Nothing too aggressive.

Then I’d see what was left.

How long was the engraving job? Also engraving draftboard will junk up your machine pretty quickly, fyi. It’s a dirty material.


Thanks, only 12 minute job nothing major. I did not know that about draftboard, that kind of sucks because I have only been using draft board. I just received my GF last week. I have some 600 grit sand paper I will try that. The tape being left behind made it look so much better lol…

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600 will be a challenge, because it’ll clog up with your sealant and paper.

Draftboard is not bad as a prototyping material, but especially if you have a filter, it’s terrible to engrave. Gunk everywhere.


Yeah no filter here, hose out the window. I do clean out the inside every night wipe it down but I haven’t cleaned the print head. It does get pretty dusty in there. I’ve done a tile or two and I think that caused a lot of dust more so then the wood.

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It really depends on how fine the detail is on your design. A typical photo engrave would sand off fine, a geometric pattern might be better off cleaned up with a plastic razor blade. There’s no one answer without more details.

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Why don’t you make a little test square of engraved draftboard, seal it, and experiment on stripping it with various methods before committing to the larger piece?


That is exactly what I did. It worked I also found out that my sealer works great on coasters even for Draft Board! No absorption with glass sweat :). Which is awesome!


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