I did the silicon apple watch strap thing

Thx u!! I’ll try it later today! I truly do appreciate ur help and your super quick reply!

Hi! I found a conversion software to switch my PNG to SVG so I’m set there… now my issue I can’t figure out is how to split steps in GlowForge… my design in Inkscape clearly shows my fill ( pattern in red), and my outline shape watchband as navy. But when I transfer in GF, it all together and I can only enter 1 setting. I’m trying to have two separate settings so I can ignore the outline because I only use it to align correctly. Thx u!

There are two types of engraving. One is when you have a vector shape and it is filled with one color. The glowforge will allow you to assign a different group of settings for each color. Every pixel in the engrave gets the same exact amount of laser power, as per your group of settings for that color. The second type is a bitmap. Here the glowforge uses one group of settings and varies the amount of power based on the color of the pixel. The maximum power of your settings for pure black, no power for pure white and everything else something inbetween.

When you convert something to PNG, you are making a bitmap. As the outline of the strap is part of the PNG export, it is part of the bitmap and it will be engraved.

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(Side note - Vector engraved areas don’t require fill, only that they are enclosed shapes. I never use fill. Obviously, you have to set that step to engrave, not cut.)