I do not want a refund!


In regards to complaint # 515263, our records show that Nathan La Rue placed a pre-order for a Glowforge Pro with Air Filter. Our most recent contact with him was an email we sent on Jun 7, 2017, that indicated he would receive his Glowforge Pro unit by the end of October and his Air Filter by the end of December. That email also offered a refund if that schedule did not meet his needs. That schedule and offer remain current; we’re shipping units to customers now. Should it change, we will notify all of our customers immediately, as we did before.

We don’t have any records of further communications from this customer.

We deeply regret the delay in delivery, and have initiated a credit card refund for Mr. La Rue with our apologies.


Glowforge @dan,

I retired from a very successful military career to pursue starting my own small business based on the Glowforge. I have never backed a start up and have no experience in that matter. When Glowforge said they would ship starting December 2015 I took that at face value. I submitted my retirement paperwork and it took effect 1 May 2016. Thankfully, I was in a financial situation to stay above water until now. I need the Glowforge that I was sold almost two years ago. I have spent a lot of money in preparation for this business based on the capabilities you claimed when soliciting sales. I do NOT wish for a refund. I need the product you sold me.

This email doesn’t scratch the surface of the harm I will receive if you proceed with a refund and don’t provide me with the product I paid for.

Nathan La Rue


I hope you sent that straight to the support email and replied to the address you recieved it from.
This forum is for buyers and community.
Granted, staff does monitor this somewhat, but you will get a quicker response from email.


That is bizarre. What was the complaint?


If that’s a legit email from Glowforge, I have to wonder what complaint #515263 said.

It’s apparent that they believe you wished to cancel the order if you didn’t receive the unit by a specific date.

Hopefully they haven’t processed the refund yet, but I think they might see your response faster if you just replied to the email that you got, instead of posting it to the forum. I don’t think they check the forum as frequently as they do the emails.


I emailed and posted in the problems and support section of this forum. I tried to call, but apparently Glowforge doesn’t except phone calls and refers you to email. I did both given the urgency of the matter.

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They should see it then. Was it a recent complaint?

I was beginning to grow suspicious of Glowforge as a company given their continuing delays and filed a complaint with the Washington State DA to look into the matter. Dan responded to a post I made assuring that that I would receive my unit by October 31st, so I rescinded my complaint through the Washington DA. Apparently, the DA had already contacted Glowforge who responded with the above.

I no longer have my career, I’ve invested many thousands more than the cost of the Glowforge, and I have both private and government jobs to fulfill. To top things off, my wife is pregnant and due in December.

I don’t need a refund, all I need is my Glowforge.

Thank you for emailing us directly. I will follow up via email, so I’m going to close this topic.

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