I don’t think the tool to remove my camera came with my Glowforge

Im trying to clean my machine but I can’t remove my camera, I heard it’s magnetic , I only have a blue plastic piece . Help pls

the magnet ring has fallen off, if its a new unit, I am sure Glowforge will send you a replacement (support@glowforge.com) if its used, you can buy one at the glowforge store, or you can get one from a few users on here (myself included)

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You can take off the cover of the laser head, remove the mirror, and spread a towel on a table and with a Qtip of something soft poke Out the (from the top, where you just removed the mirror) lens (so it falls on the towel) and clean the lens (make sure you use a zeiss wipe or non abrasive lens cleaner) and use the flip side of the lens remover (cup side IN) to put the lens back



Note that you do not mess with the camera, which is installed on the bottom of the lid. The tool is to remove the laser final focus lens that is mounted inside the head.


Last but not least, someone on here has kindly created a laser cut version of that tool you can make yourself.
You should be able to find that with a quick search.


Here it is:


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