I don't need no stinkin' air filter -


or do I?
Just what does the air filter do except make the GF completely self contained.
I have Glowrioski on a 37" movable cart and if I put an air filter under the GF the top of the GF will be at 53". Not impossible but a little awkward.
I have a vent to the outside that is working very well.
I think I would be better off canceling the air filter and just have them keep the money as credit towards goodies from the catalog.
What think you?


If you don’t intend to ever move the GF, I’d cancel the filter. The filter really just gives you portability. I’m still trying to decide whether or not to cancel mine.


You’ll hear both sides of the coin on the forums.

Some people think filters are magical black boxes best left to others to design and produce, and others (myself included) who have ripped enough filters apart and made their own over the years to know that they generally follow a typical design.

If aesthetics and appearance are important to you, I’d say stick with the Glowforge filter. But if you have the space for something uglier, I’d fashion your own – either from commercially available parts or making of a “fume box” of your own.

I’ve talked to lots of other laser owners who have tried various tactics to rid themselves of odors, and I’ve come to the conclusion that every laser that bleeds to an indoor filter will still emit smell on some level. The only way to fully rid yourself of odors is to vent outdoors.


There are certain situations where a filter is required, but they are not nearly as many as I had thought pre-glowforge in the house. If it works for you then I’d cancel.


I am planning on using the air filter in the winter, and vent outside when the temp is warm.


I figured out a way to vent outside & cancelled mine. (I am in Southern California where weather isn’t a factor)

The refill cartridges will be pricey (sub $250 to me means $249) plus having to lift the machine off of the filter to change the cartridge will be a major pain in the butt. Those 2 reasons alone were enough to make me happy to get my $500 back.


We canceled our filter … Because we will only use the Glowforge at home … And the vent installation was a no-brainier as we replaced the basement windows.


I cancelled my air filter until I realized I want to take my Glowforge to conventions to be able to use it there. At home I will be using a vent outside as I don’t want to waste filters when I can just vent.

So if you don’t have a situation where you are stuck running without an outside vent, you might not need a filter.


I’m in Colorado, and the weather does get cold - but my exhaust vents right out the old furnace vent to the roof. It’s possible to vent outside when it’s cold, just use a blast gate to shut the vent when not in use.

Depends on your use needs, but without the need to setup the 'forge somewhere else, If I were you @lcronkite, I think I would spend that on material.


I thought originally I would need & use the filter. Since I will not be moving my Makerforge anywhere, I cancelled my filter order. I vented with the provided vent hose out a window & all is great.


This may be a dumb question, but how do I go about cancelling my filter order?


Send an email to Support. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks, @Jules