I don't understand

So, they limit the number of likes you can use, as though they don’t want you to be too generous with them, but then they reward you for using them all up. I’m a psychiatric professional, but even with all my training I do not understand the reasoning behind this.

I’ve been here 6 months and this is the first time I’ve run out of likes, probably because I’m on vacation and have more time to browse. It’s making me cranky! :frowning:


I’ve never run out of likes, like ever. I only like things that I think stand out, because I use likes as another level of bookmarking. I’m picky, say someone does a well-executed engrave but it’s a subject I don’t like, I won’t like the post :wink:

So what’s the limit? Is this why I’m still an owner and not a regular? I would think that coming here daily for almost a year straight would make me a regular, but who knows.


I think GF has changed the default requirements but it’s a combination of a lot of things. Visiting, reading X percentage, getting likes from different people, giving likes to different people, flags received etc.

Is there a way to see if you’ve ever been flagged? I wonder if I ticked someone off at some point?

Careful what you ask for.
I once did an /ignore on myself in a game just to see what would happen, and it worked. Slipped through the coding to do it but the code kept saying I could not un-ignore myself.
Finally got support to sort it, but made me think twice about pushing the envelop for a little while. (just a little while).


Just getting a flag won’t disallow regular status, it is to bring attention of the post to staff to review it.
I use my :green_heart: differently. It doesn’t cost me anything, but it does show the poster that I read their effort and acknowledges it. If a post shows creativity, makes me laugh, makes me think or teaches me something it gets a :green_heart:


See? Your reply gets a like out of me. I’m picky, but that was a really good post. :wink:

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You and @geek2nurse have been great additions to the community! Helpful and thoughtful in your replies, not too mention your creativity. Keep it up. :sunglasses:


I’m the same. I’m very selective about my ‘likes’…otherwise, at least to me, they lose their meaning.

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and thats probably why

So they seem to want you to use them liberally, but not willy-nilly.

(the phrase “willy-nilly” makes me giggle.)


and every time I see that, I read it in Sheldon’s voice.


“They” being Discourse. Here’s what the co-founder of Discourse had to say on their decision:

Can GF up the limit? Yes.

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Exactly. Also it lets you express appreciation without making a thread extra long by adding comments that don’t really add value. But I’m still out of likes, so I can’t like your response. I keep waiting the length of time it tells me before I can like again, but it keeps extending it. :frowning:


Aww, thanks.:slight_smile:

Well earned.

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I keep waiting the length of time it tells me before I can like again, but it keeps extending it. ️

Ok that is sort of funny, cause that was a theme here for a while!

Sorry couldn’t help myself

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During the hectic time, I was out of likes by about 10:00 am every morning. (And you’re right, it’s very frustrating!)

We would just use the OOL :+1: code.


Ever code a an automatic timeout and place a lower limit of zero seconds on what it can be set to? And then test it by the good ole rule of lower limit, upper limit? Yeah I saw a programmer do that once. Log in and immediately be auto-logged out. A fun game to watch.

As a psychiatric professional you have to obtain IRB approval before implementing an experiment. Discourse not so much.


How long is the wait?