I don't want to miss my delivery!

I get hundreds of emails a day. I don’t want to miss the delivery I have been waiting for for 2 years because I didn’t see one email from you. For the record, yes, I still want the glowforge. Will that be sufficient to ensure delivery?


Confirmation will happen via website that you’ll be given via e-mail. If you’re worried about missing it, set up a rule in your mail client that flags or moves messages from glowforge.com so you’ll be sure to see them.


If you’re using Gmail, you can type this into the search box:

in:anywhere from:hello@glowforge.com

just to be sure you’re not missing anything.


Sadly not sufficient. They’ll need you to respond to the E-mail so they know where to send it.

be sure to set filters so that *@glowforge.com gets sent to your inboxes. i’m convinced they have some email issues going on because i’ve explicitly okayed their domain, but still miss some email from them. with that said, they’ll email you again if you don’t respond; it’s not like you’ll lose out on your glowforge forever. :slight_smile:

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Did you recently get an email from Dan Shapiro with the June update and news? Have you gotten any emails from glowforge.com or just haven’t gotten the shipping email. Just wanting to clarify.

You can also log into www.glowforge.com and look at your user account to ensure that your email is correct there.

The updates discuss how you can make your mail client accept an email from glowforge and not trash it. You can also make a rule to highlight any email from Glowforge.

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Ditto this. I use Google Inbox and have a specific “Glowforge” filter that automatically shows me any emails with the word “Glowforge” in them.


Hmmmmm. If I placed my original Basic order on 10/20, but then upgraded to a PRO on 11/7, do I count in the pre-order set or the November set?

You count in the pre-order set.

Yea!! Thanks

This is a public forum, you probably don’t want to have personal information on here.

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@pinecone3, I flagged that for removal because it is full of private information. If you want to, you can delete it instead.

If you are afraid of missing the email when your turn comes, sometimes you can set a ringtone alert on your phone to catch your attention, or just assign communications from Glowforge to a separate folder.

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