I feel like I should know this, but

How does glowforge and/or SVGs interpret strokes in terms of placement? In Illustrator, you can have the stroke be oriented the the outside, inside or centre of the path. Does Glowforge/SVGs look at the stroke position when processing, or the actual path position?

In practical application, can I just the stroke positioning to help adjust for kerf, or should I always just keep it centered on the path for a more accurate representation?

Currently, it always cuts dead center on the path and ignores the stroke.

Since automatic kerf adjustment is in the pitch on the web site, presumably someday it’ll do something else.


It doesn’t care about the inside/outside/center designation. To test this, at least in Illustrator, you can swap the inside/center/outside designators while looking at the design in outline mode (control or command-y). Everything is based off of the path.