I feel like there are enough camera people here to want to see the new full frame Sony

Full frame goodness from Sony

The pixel shifting trick to get sharper images is crazy.



Adding to my “when I win the lottery” list.

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Hmmm I wonder if that image sensor would fit in the Glowforge lid… :thinking:


I wondered if pixel shifting techniques would help really nail down alignment…

I know that in this context it stands for Auto Focus, but I still giggled.


Nice share. Got me to look!

The last camera I bought was a Canon AE1 in 1983. I shot the hell out of that camera for 25 years. I keep getting closer to getting a top notch camera, but I think I’ll buy a new Sawstop tablesaw instead. Maybe someday. These new cameras are just the most amazing things, and to realize I’d need to spend as much on lenses?

I see some of the photos that the many experts post on this forum, and I am happy to let you all do the heavy lifting and I get to enjoy!


My first big boy camera was a Nikon D80 and I used it for about 7 years before making a big upgrade to the D750.

The D750 is a pretty nice camera and as I am no kind of professional, I expect it to last me at least as long as the D80 did.

By the time I replace the D750 I cannot imagine what will be available. I hope Nikon still has something good so I can keep using all my Nikon lenses…


Can’t even imagine! Wow!

Nikon rumors that a Z8 body is coming out with this same sensor.

As cool as 61 mpix sounds though, I doubt I’d use it at full resolution often. Talk about eating a disk and needing AWS level processing power for post on a photo.


AI everywhere… People/animal eye-tracking AF looks nice, and you can even select which eye!

I think this camera is mirrorless too.

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