I finally made something from scratch

About a million years ago when I sponsored GF on Kickstarter I thought…”think of all of the things I can make to solve the silly problems I run into.” So I sponsored it. Then I got my GF and proceeded to start college for my Masters then enrolled to get my PhD. Needless to say, full time work + full time school does not leave me much free time to figure out how to use the software and settings on my own.

For years I have stalked the creative and amazing people in this forum. I have seen your incredible designs and copied setting after setting where you found success with the hopes that one day I will find time to play and create.

I’ve been cutting ear savers like a mad woman and have tinkered around with some of the designs you guys have so sweetly shared. So I am using it…just not creating with it.

I’m Still working on the PhD so I’m definitely not there yet…but I did run into an issue with growing some greens in my house with a naughty cat who likes to play in the water and nibble new growth. So I turned to my GF for a solution.

As simple as it is, basically a wood frame to spruce up the plastic grow tray and an upside down box to keep my sprouts safe…it was the first thing I made from scratch…so I wanted to share.

Here is the file…cut two each of the pieces on the left with the long holes and one of the piece on the right with the two round holes. This is set for 1/8 inch acrylic.

Hamama Greenhouse Final


Excellent example of using the GF to solve a real world problem.


In todays environment, that creation could be one of the most useful things you could have made. And, It is very tastefully done, nice job!


This is awesome! I might need to make one as well!

Just started delving into hydroponics and needed a specialized adjustable frame/stand to elevate the seed starters closer to the light source…knocked it out last night.

The baby lettuces obliged by shooting straight up out of the rock wool today. :blush:
(Soon… salad.)


I would have liked that when I was trying to grow catnip. I ended up with a bird cage five feet off the ground but the neighborhood cats kept it heavily trimmed.


That turned out really great.


That is a fantastic idea. I’ve avoided starting plants because our cats would most definitely destroy them one way or another. This is just such an obvious solution and you made it look nice as well.


The Glowforge was on kickstarter?


No. It was available for pre-order directly from the company but, was never a crowd funding campaign. They took the orders before there was even a finished product. So, it had some of the character of a crowd funding campaign.


It’s a perfect mini greenhouse! I might need one as well, since the resident felines like to munch unprotected greenery.


Good luck pursuing your studies. Very nice solution to your problem.


I could have sworn it was Kickstarter…it has been so long now…sorry for the bad gouge. :grimacing:


@Jules, I just got my mom a hydroponic tower for her 75th this month. Looking forward to playing around with it. She can’t wait to grow her own lettuce too.

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LMK how that works out for her… I looked at a tower system, but decided to just get my feet wet using the Kratky method…so far just using some mason jars for the lettuces.

I think @karaelena was jerking a chain :grin: He was one of the originals here.


Be sure to share pics with it full of greens!



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A great solution!!

Are you selling the cut file by chance?

Oh gosh no, let me see if I can figure out how to change my post to the free files and attach it for ya! Happy to share :grinning: