I finished paying for my gf!


I don’t know who else to tell but I just finished paying off my credit card that I used to pay for my GF!! It’s a big deal for me as I only have 2 months left at my full time job until I’m finished working and dedicating all my time to GF (well and my photography business)!!! I’m beyond stoked! Time to hunker down and get my business plan down!


Congrats! Wish you the best in your business endeavors!


Thank you!!


Me too, paid mine off, have a stack of plywood and acrylic standing by and ready for the forge to arrive, have two pairs of laser glasses, I will be working on my table this weekend, for the Glowforge to live on (OK I know it isn’t alive but). I also have a bunch of designs waiting to cut.

I have a couple of Glowforge layouts ready that I will post next week, for people to use, that is if they want to use them.

Good luck.



BTW, have you seen this book, @JeremyNielsen? It looked like it had some good points.

Starting a Business with a Laser Cutter


Thanks, just did the down load.


way to go, that’s a good feeling!


Congratulations! That’s a great accomplishment, no matter what the reason. Wishing you all the best in your new business.


@numosbk Oh, glass cutters! I need to put that on my list! Looking forward to the layout shots! (PS. The GF isn’t alive???)

@morganstanfield THANK YOU!!! Looks like a great resource. @numosbk You purchased it? How is it? Worth it?

Thanks @jbv and @Xabbess !!


The ebook is free.


I paid mine off after I got my tax refund… I have since almost maxed it out again due to other life challenges… but the GF is paid for lol


Mine will be paid off next week. It’ll be a great feeling!

@morganstanfield thanks for posting that link. Great stuff!


Does anyone else accidentally mentally substitute “girlfriend” for “GF” and find themselves headed for hot water? :smile:


all the time… however it inverted the other day and someone said something about their girlfriend and I got excited for a second thinking they were getting a glowforge too. oops


At my age, it would only make my wife laugh.


Yeah, she would look at me and blink a couple of times before she snorted breaking into a belly laugh!


@JeremyNielsen - Congrats! I realize that there are a lot of hobbyists here on the forum, but it would be nice to have a thread for those primarily interested in a business side to the GF. I’m not sure how it would work as many folks would probably be competing, but I would love to chat business applications for the GF.


I finally paid mine off… and decided to upgrade and continue my monthly payments! lol


I need to send a final payment to PayPal by the 28th to avoid interest from my upgrade. This will was originally intended as a play thing but between my daughter and I, I hope to see some positive cash flow.


Oh absolutely, but I will never be able to pay her off :wink: reduces the confusion lol
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