I forgot what it feels like to be a kid on Xmas eve

I got my golden email ticket last week and started to prepare. I have materials, located an appropriate throne for the 'forge; prepared for adequate ventilation; told work it might as well be a holiday and I would not be in tomorrow (and to not call, no matter what); informed all my friends to get over here.

I feel like a kid watching the Santa Tracker (aka the brown UPS sleigh) to update with new coordinates. The closer it gets the more I want to put up a tent in the cul-de-sac and wait for it to arrive tomorrow. It could come at 3AM, it could and I wouldn’t want to miss it! I’ve even checked for hazardous weather conditions, road construction and calculated the timezone difference between Tennessee and Atlanta. I haven’t been this excited about anything in 20+ years. The only thing that would make this process easier for me, would be if Glowforge sent out a some anxiety medication to get you through that last day. I shall make it though.

Sorry if I post in the wrong place, I’m just so excited I don’t know what to do!

Any advice for the last 24 hour prep phase? I feel like I should be doing something. Thanks!


Is the package coming from Tennessee? In that case it’s your Proofgrade shipment, not the Glowforge. Hopefully both are on the truck for tomorrow. Sorry to be (potentially) the bearer of bad news. :frowning_face:

Edit: The GF ships from California.


It started in Sunnydale, CA last week and has now made it to Tennessee as of 5:30 today. I got my Proofgrade box last week. This one says there are 2 packages and one of them is 79 pounds! I got an email from GF with a master tracking number the other day so I think this is it! :smile:


Meet the ups driver at the door to his truck. They don’t necessarily read the, This side up, or fragile. When “my” ups truck arrived they couldn’t find the crumbtray box. I impressed upon him how important it was. Waited two years. Couldn’t use laser without it. 20 minutes later he returned with the Crumbtray. Christmas is coming!

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Oh good! I felt like I was crushing your dreams, but I figured in your shoes I’d rather be told the hard truth rather than wait around all day just to be disappointed. Very glad to hear I was wrong! :grinning:

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No thank you, I appreciate it! I got a large slice of disappointment last week when the proofgrade box came. I thought it was “the box” and went running down the driveway, slipped and fell in front of the UPS man and still managed to get up and make into the truck before he got out. He looked at me like I was nuts and handed me small box and said “I hope you’re ok and not too disappointed”. Haha!


Chuckle! Congrats! (I chased the poor UPS guy down the block - scared the crap out of him.) :smile:


Stalked and harassed UPS for 8 hours until it finally came!! 6 hours later… I need more material and am completely exhausted! Well worth the wait and I can’t wait to have a full day to play. HUZZAH!!!



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Nice Birthday gift! Happy birthday! :smile:

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