I goofed up and Customer Service Saved the Day

I goofed up Saturday and destroyed my air assist fan and carriage plate belt. I sent the rest of the day and Sunday researching repairing it. I was very discouraged with all the post explaining how slow and unresponsive Glowforge customer support was. I have had my basic for almost 18 months without any need to every have to contact them. Monday morning I emailed customer support to begin my reported three day waiting period for a response. Two hours later I get a response from Glowforge “Maile” about my request. I responded to his request for my mailing information and within another two hours I have an invoice which I paid and now waiting on my repair parts to arrive. So I want to say in the “PANDEMIC” time where we are all stretched thin trying to operate at what we once called normal you guys get my “GOLD STAR” for today. I work in an industry such as yours and our supply chain issues are serious and have caused some serious issues, so I was prepared for a dely. You exceeded my expectations. “Dylan” (my Glowforge) and I THANK YOU. Just wanted to put out some “GOOD NEWS”


This is really nice to hear and very cool that you shared it. I know overall support has really been working hard to improve things and it’s nice to have conformation of that. Hope you’re back to forging soon!


This is really GREAT, so many times we only here the bad stories about the things we deal with. I Thank you for taking the time for putting something positive up. Wish more would do that.


Dan had said this thread besides where you post a problem was also the place just to tell support what a great job they are doing. It’s got to be uplifting for the team to get reports like this foe a change. :+1:


I bet there are lots of quick responses to problems that we never hear about. Thank you for sharing your experience.


Yup, @Maile.L and team are the best! Thanks so much for letting us know.


The Glowforge CEO has a cool name also. LOL
I just noticed my tag name would not revile my try at humor, as it doesn’t show my real name “Dan”

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