I got it!


It’s finally here! Just one problem. As a single person newly moved to Seattle, I don’t have anyone to help get it from the coffee table to it’s permanent home. I guess setup will be delayed a couple of days.


Congrats! (No neighbors?) :slightly_smiling_face:


Pizza fixes a lot of things.


Order something cheap on Amazon Prime Now and bribe the driver with a tip! Don’t wait!


:grin: Wait, you’re in Seattle? Just e-mail support. They are very helpful.


Call some GF folks over for Pizza and drinks to help you out


I hope to get someone from work to help move it in the morning (midnight shifter here). I think that’s a job for donuts rather than pizza!


I was hoping @dan would see this and volunteer.


Now that WOULD be a personal touch!


I thought all the GF employees were down at the factory. :wink:


Oh but they are!


So that’s how they get all those pew pews in there.