I Got the Email!


I got the pro email!

My order went through at 12:41 PM September 24th. I order the GF Pro with the Air Filter (Shipping Later).

Let’s hope for quick shipping!


I took screen shots of the form. I remember people asking about them. So, if there is an interest, I can link them.


Awesome!!! :dizzy::boom::sparkles::confetti_ball::zap::tada:


That’s great! I think people are receiving them fairly quickly now, like within 2 weeks or less. Enjoy!


Expect it to get there faster than you thought, I got the email on 8-28 and it came today.
Not complaining I will be burning stuff all weekend.


Be relentless in your exploration! It’s so much fun.


Burn baby burn!


Congrats! You will have lots of fun.


Awesome @jakerember! They’re moving much quicker on shipping … so, get ready!


Congratulations! :sparkles::balloon::tada::tanabata_tree:




So we’re still on the first day of ordering…some 39 days later…neat.


Today is 39 days later than 1st of August. What is the significance of 1st of August?

Shipping started 114 days ago, 53 left for 30 days orders, 80 left for all the rest.
Pros started on 30th June, 71 days ago.


Yay!!! :tada::tada::tada:


So I stand corrected. Pros started shipping 71 DAYS ago, yet we’re still only on day one orders being shipped. How does that make any sense?


From I have gathered is that there were a LOT of pro orders the first day. I ordered my pro in October so I will be aged by the time I get mine it seems.


Well Glowforge define “shipping” as sending an email committing to delivery sometime in the next six weeks. So they only started dispatching them on 8/8/17 and the first one arrived just inside six weeks from the end of June. So really they have only been dispatching for about four weeks and not very many of either type of machine recently.

Out of a sample of 401 people that have given their details 96 have received emails but only 59 have received machines with just 5 in transit at the moment.


I can always count on you to be awesome like that :smiley:



I received the proof grade materials this past Friday.

No email notification for the shipping of the GF itself yet.


It’ll probably be a few days. They like to be sure you have the Proofgrade materials before the Glowforge arrives. I think most people have been reporting at least a week in between.