I Got the Email!

From Dan’s post, Anatomy of a $5M week, he shared this info about the first week of orders… “the mix turned out to be 23% basic, 29% basic + air, 48% pro.” Of course, there are now cancellations to consider, and I don’t know if the $5M includes shipping or not.

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Yeah, I figured just putting it up was somewhat helpful.

Also, I received the email for the proof grade material shipping on Tuesday, the 19th.

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I just received the shipping notification at 6:54 pm PST


When is the anticipated delivery date? We already know the weight and length. :rofl:

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Same here…received email with tracking info at 6:54 pm PDT. Live ~100 mi. away, so should be delivered on Mon. Proof grade stuff came two days ago. Almost good to go!



Just received the package with crumb tray, glasses, hose, etc.! Was not expecting it on Saturday.

I just noticed that the tracking #'s for both packages are exactly the same per the email from Glowforge. UPS driver only had the one package on board, so I’m wondering if there’s a problem with the 'forge itself.

Also, I cannot find the lens removal tool anywhere in the box…am I missing something really obvious?


Lens tool is with head in the main box.

UPS has not yet updated with the expected delivery date :(.

My Glowforge has arrived safe and sound!

It was missing one handle from the box and the unit itself has some scuff marks on it. However, I have been using it all afternoon and so far so good!


Congrats! :grinning::confetti_ball::tada::balloon::sparkles:

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