I had no idea I needed this metal cutting tool

… but I clearly do.


Is that a plasma cutter? :star_struck: I don’t need that tool as much as I need a good friend who owns that tool.


I wasn’t sure if it was plasma or a very precise laser. Either way it’s pretty awesome.

I think it’s a plasma based on how close the tip is to the work and it sounds like mine. But I’ve never heard a metal cutting laser so they may sound similar. My plasma is only a 2-axis CNC. That one is neat the way it is spinning the bar stock.


I thought it would be laser since it seems cleaner and narrower in kerf. It seems that the metal lasers are getting more common and cheaper , especially adding 4th and 5th axes. But I’m guessing and you have the experience with the plasma.

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Cool. Put it next to the EDM cutter.


The computer drive is clearly the mind blower. Very custom in what it does though. Slap a CNC bit on it and you could make some awesome canes or balusters with vines and leaves climbing up but after all that you have just a pile of sticks :unamused:

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I waffled back & forth on that. What tripped me to plasma was the closeness of the tip - I cut with only a 1/16" (.06") gap between the plasma tip & the material. My kerf with a pro (but not industrial big dollar) plasma cutter is .02" (with a cheap $800 plasma cutter it’s .05-.06"). That’s huge relative to a laser but when looking at parts being cutoff, it’s way smaller than you’d think based on saw kerfs. And I didn’t see a laser delivery mechanism for getting the laser to the head - might be in that handle with some kind of fiver but it could also be the plasma components too.

Just can’t be authoritative here :grinning:

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I’m no expert… but I stayed at a holiday inn last night (not really).

I looked up some metal cutting lasers (like Kern), and they run the nozzle tip very close to the surface. But, that might be because I think they are injecting the gas (oxygen or nitrogen) through a nose cone along with the beam. They do make mention of economically-priced lenses for daily or weekly replacement. :grimacing:


What you (well, to be honest, what I) need is a water jet cutter. I don’t have enough use for Plasma. I’m not a metal fabricator and I’m not interested in being one. But I want to cut Carbon Fiber and it is painfully slow and messy as hell on my CNC. So I need a water jet cutter.


Yeah that would be awesome. The media is so expensive though…

That’s why I went plasma :slight_smile:

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