I hate to do this but, the tech support I am getting is non existent

Back on the 16th (I believe it was), I sent an email about a frayed belt. I waited a couple of days and sent another email about broken wheels under my print head. Then a couple days after that, I called the toll free number only to have the system hang up on me before I could leave my name and number. Then I put a post in the support forums here to express my displeasure at the lack of any communication on Glowforge’s end.

A Glowforge tech got back to me within about 20 minutes at that point and also locked and closed my thread. She said that Glowforge would get parts out to me right away (I told her I was down and not making money). I asked for express shipping and that took 2-3 days before I was told that would not be an option and that I’d have to wait several more days before parts went out.

Still, I have nothing in hand. I was able to secure parts from another user here on the forums, but that does not excuse the fact that I am still empty handed on the part of Glowforge. What gives anyways? I own a company (not Glowforge related, that’s my wife’s business) and I have always prided myself on making sure my company provides top notch customer service. Yes, Glowforge offered to send me the belt and two wheels fat not cost, but these delays are unacceptable.

I mean, I have had zero communication back from anyone at Glowforge to give me any sort of update or tracking information. If it were not for the other user here, my machine would still be down. That’s not the way it is supposed to work and it bothers me that I feel like the only way I can get a response is by airing that dirty laundry here.

Can someone at Glowforge please get me squared away? Please?

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I will back your post. I have a few glowforges but I was restoring one and getting its spare parts that you have to go through GF support on was a pain.

Same thing for me. I called again a few times and eventually got through. The person I eventually got was AMAZING!!! Like I said, I have a few glowforges. He helped with not only ordering a broken part but also with fixing some inconvenient things my other glowforge was doing. Their phone support is amazing but it is hard to get connected.

I agree that I am not a fan of this.

Now I absolutely admire your post but I do thing it is important to include the recognition that basically no other machine like glowforge will have a publicly hosted thread like this. IMO, airing out dirty laundry is fine but also follow up with a statement that being able to do so is actually a bit of a privilege. I help with lots of maker spaces and can not begin on the nightmare stories I head from other companies where their issues are a black hole. as opposed to glowforge…Glowforge might not be perfect but at least they are open about things and no other company I have dealt with is like that (and I work with a lot of tech companies)

Wish you the best!


A privilege yes, and that’s why I was uncomfortable posting like this but I need assistance and glowforge really needs to step up to the plate and follow through. That’s all I ask.


I am having the same issue. Someone responded to my thread and closed it. I also have an email to support for the black lid cable, they asked for my mailing address and poof no response ever again. I have since sent several (unanswered emails) tried reaching out via facebook, even went so far as to comment on the live and still no response. This is so sad, I was telling so many people how great my glow forge was, posting on social media everything and now I feel like tossing it right in the garbage. If I ever decide to buy a new laser it will not be a glow forge unfortunately!

Not to diminish your frustration with support, but why don’t you just order a black lid cable. They are in stock.

I would but it is not telling me when I will receive it and it wants to charge me $45 just for shipping!

I just wanted to come back and say the black lid cable didn’t fix it ( I finally got it a month later)

Hello JSM,
I see you’ve also emailed us about this issue and we’re working on it there. To avoid any confusion and possible duplication, I’m going to close this topic. But no worries I will follow up with you within the open ticket.