I hate to leave


Due to circumstances currently I just have run out of options to keep my place in line. I truly am every single peep in this communities biggest fan. And I wish you all the very best going forward. Dan and everyone have all been so gracious and this pains me to no end but I’m putting together my email to cancel my order. Hopefully next year I will be back. Thanks for all the inspiration. Ben


Ben, I’m so sorry to see you go - thank you for your support, and I hope we can earn you back as a customer.


Sorry to see you leave, Ben. As you say, hopefully you’ll be back next year. Maybe by the time you’re back we’ll have all the bugs worked out. :wink:


Aw man…hate to hear it. Hope you get things worked out to your satisfaction quickly. :disappointed_relieved:


Oh dear…that makes me feel a bit sad. So sorry it didn’t work out for you, but hope to see you again here, someday.


Dang. Best of luck for the future thanks for you participation.


You Will Be Missed


Good luck Ben! Thanks for your participation, sorry circumstances flopped around on you. It’s been a pleasure!


So sorry to see you go. Hope things turn out great for you.:grinning:


I hope everything turns out okay.


I’m so sorry to see you leave Ben–I’ve enjoyed you here! I hope we get to see you again.


For all things there is a season. And I sincerely appreciate everyone’s kind words. And I’m sure I’ll be back soon enough. There is nothing more to it. Nothing serious has happened. I personally had to make some serious decisions lately. This too shall pass. Love