I have a brand new one to sell in NJ - 3500, pickup

Hi - something came up and I can’t keep my new unit. Shipped and received but not opened or used at al yet. Al the pre order materials included. Pick up in central NJ. $3500.
Anyone interested

Probably best to say if basic or pro. Lots of people already wanting a second unit.


Basic not pass thru pro

Jersey you say? I already have one BUT one of the folks i work with is wondering about getting his mom one with the help of siblings. We are in Delaware and he may be able to meet up with you somewhere to save you both on shipping.

I will ping him with this and let him know then come and tell you if he is interested.


Where in Central NJ. I’m in Hightstown. I may know of someone that is interested.


Cherry Hill area

Thanks for replying - let me know if interested.

Would love to help someone get their Glowforge ASAP along with all the materials they sent as bonuses… pick up in NJ for a great deal!!!

like 40 min from me…but no money or need right now…

He said that he will be talking with his sister this weekend and will let me know sometime on Monday.

So my friend came back and said that they will have to pass. His sister just told him that she is expecting again so that means no extra cash. Sorry.