I have a problem


I am in love with all the cute little scraps. It’s a sickness. And as if the wood ones weren’t bad enough, I suddenly have these:

A little acrylic thingy I made for a bee-keeping friend has turned into a cottage industry for him – I just finished 100 of them, and he already wants 100 more. These are the scraps from them. I can’t throw them away. They have to be made into something. Any brilliant ideas?


I don’t know but if you come up with something let me know…I’ve got bags of the things. :roll_eyes:


Any scrap that is too small to make a honeycomb hold-down with has to go. Otherwise they will take over and you will be on an episode of Hoarders.


What’s the diameter of the O’s? Might be interested in them depending on how big they are…


You could weed them, put them in a cup and pour in clear resin to make blanks for the lathe (pen, bowls, etc.) like Nick Zammeti does with colored pencils, legoes, crayons, what have you:


0.918". Large, colorful chain maille? :wink:


That would be awesome, and actually I’ve always wanted a lathe…but it’s just one more of those expanding hobby things that I keep getting sucked into that require the purchase of more tools and additional supplies and the rearranging to make more space, and the finding of more time…

As Dave Barry says, there is a very fine line between “hobby” and “mental illness.” :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


At least it will be a creative and colorful episode! :wink:


:+1: me too

I may have crossed that line some time ago, but how would I know?


You wouldn’t… but those around you would. And no one has stepped in with interventions yet, have they?

Or, you’re around a bunch of enablers.

Psst. Do it!


was just going to say this


Well, actually, my day job involves figuring out just that sort of thing. I think, however, that I will refrain from investigating too closely in this case, because I might have a hard time coming up with rationale to exclude my own symptoms from consideration!


My husband is a SUPER enabler. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: That’s why I have a Glowforge!


Sooner or later I probably will. It’s just how these things work!


I’d definitely toon in for this!


Mini ring toss game? Back in the day you could just put a few divets on something and make an ash tray. Perhaps, given the forums verve for coasters, you can epoxy them together to make coaster or layered wall hanging. Necklace would be fun, too.


Mini Tic-Tac-Toe? :wink:


My original thought was same as already mentioned - put them into a pen blank to turn on a lathe. (that’s what I keep mine for… some day may actually do it…) Now looking at the colored acrylic, what if you made a colorful cylinder with LED in them? you could make stand-offs out of them ! Or a tall enough tube a bud vase. pen/pencil holder. They could be used for “feet” for trivets or plaques… the little lines could be "handles for boxes (to lift the lid - more of a lip )…


Exactly. :grin:


key ring fobs?