I have been trying all day to connect my glowforge to internet…

It stays doing this all day and then it says error occurred…

Someone help!!! Pleaseeeeeeee

Try a different browser. Chrome is recommended.

It’s now saying that the webpage is crashed

It still doing the sale thing :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

This looks like a computer/internet problem. Are you having trouble loading other websites as well?

No… I can access every other site

I also switched networks and it did the same thing

That pretty much guarantees it’s something on the device you are using. Some kind of global security setting. Also, when was the last time you applied updates to it? The certificate required for a secure connection to the app became valid Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 20:00:00 Eastern.

Try connecting (to the GF UI) from a different device, like a phone or tablet.

So I did log in using my phone as well and it is still giving me the same issue.

Is that the most recent image that says “can’t open this page”?

If so, it appears you are on wifi. Suggest disconnecting that on the phone and trying over cellular - just for this test.

The same thing is happening with my cell phone… the page refreshes on its own and says error… I download several apps with the same wifi that is connected to the glowforge

I said to turn off wifi on the phone in order to see if the app loads over your cellular data connection.

Make this go away:


Same thing

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