I have my glowForge, I am blown away

This machine was so quick and simple to setup, and the output is amazing. While the 2 year part has really been terrible, they have exceeded my high expectations.

The engrave speed takes a bit of time, but the hard maple “proof grade” cut speed is SO fast, and the detail is amazing. I really am impressed with the proof grade material, I was skeptical when they first announced it, but boy does it make this easy to use.

My box was in rough shape, only 1 of the 4 white clips was still in place. The other 3 long gone and the box was smushed and had a tear/gash. The glowForge works fine. Well built and packed.



Agreed. I’ll tell ya this - once I got my grubby little hands on one, I really started to realize what they’ve accomplished so far; presence and possession gives one a very different perspective on the wait, as long and as tough as it has been.


Glad to hear the GF arrived intact, even if the box didn’t! Your puzzle and nametag look great! :grinning:


Now that they are being delivered, it is easy to see the Have and Have Nots.


Happy Trails.
We just got to hang in there.


Amen. I wish all the customers could have that now. So does Glowforge.




I posted not to brag or anything, but to say that regular customer are getting these, it’s real and it’s amazing.

Also, I wanted to show the box. It was handled very poorly. I noted it when I signed for it.

I am impressed that the glowForge is able to withstand that mistreatment, and the driver was carrying it “stood up tall, in a bear hug”. I ran out and told him I would help, and that it is fragile.


Good plan. :smile:


I did the same, and because I did, he didn’t mind helping me carry it downstairs. Of course I tipped the man $10 for ignoring company policy not to enter a customer’s house. But I have never been one to stand around and watch anyone struggle. See a need? Step up and fill it… Especially when the load is my precious! :sunglasses:

Congratulations! Laser all the things!


I still chuckle over Jules post - “I startled the gal showing up at the back of the truck. I think I was drooling.” :rofl:


All of the pictures we have seen show the handles having been ripped out. They present the impression of a convenient handle to drag the box around by to the shipping personnel.

Having not seen them, it occurs to me if there were a mount more substantial than just the cardboard surrounding them the system would be much more robust. Something like an 1/8" slat of plywood that spans the side from one handle to the next for them to clip into and spread the load.

Another thought would be to use banding, either metal or plastic around the box in both directions - presenting an alternative handle for the people under pressure to move items and load as efficiently as possible.

All of which represents additional expense to the company, but I would really like to see our boxes not destroyed by the journey considering the box is required to safety transport or ship our Glowforge - and a replacement costs $250.


The unboxing instructions mentioned a replacement box was $150, but I don’t know if that includes shipping. I agree about “banding” but maybe the nylon yellow straps, you can more easily cut them free.

I am surprised at the ability the lasers has to withstand UPS shipping. It was something to see how the guy was handling the main box. If they could have shifted about 5-10 more pounds from the main box to the crumb tray I wager that would help.


I don’t remember that, but iirc the shipping box was $249 in the glowforge shop last night. I remember a post/announcement by dan saying $250. Domestic shipping on orders over $100 is free, but paying that much for a cardboard box (and foam) seems ridiculous (I hope it’s mainly the foam).


Foam is mainly air and that is free here!


The state the boxes are showing up in is pretty frightening.

The air is free! It’s all the material surrounding the air that costs. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of the story around IBM and HP and their patent wars: IBM patented the square hole, so HP patented everything around it.


A big chunk of the price of packing materials is what it costs GF to ship the box. They have “free shipping” on orders over $100, but obviously they have to pay UPS something to ship the box. With UPS you pay based on the amount of space you’re taking up on the truck (as well as the weight, but it’s the space that’s an issue here). So while the actual air may be free, you’re paying to move that air from point A to point B.


Where I used to work they had a machine on the shop floor that put air into special giant bubble wrap. So it was bought in a a large roll of polythene taking up little space and inflated on demand a line of bubbles at a time. The sound it made was indescribably weird.


Shipping can be costly. A reasonable size box of air (10 x 15 x 30) will be be charged as if it weighs 33 pounds, even if it weighs 1 pound, box included. UPS charges based on the greater of the dimensional weight or the actual weight. It’s not cheap to ship pillows. And there are also surcharges for residential delivery and to “rural areas”…

To determine UPS dimensional weight of a package, measure each dimension (length, width, height) at the longest point, rounding each measurement to the nearest whole number (for example, 1.00 to 1.49 will be considered 1, and 1.50 to 1.99 will be considered 2). Then, multiply the package length by the width by the height. The result is the cubic size in inches. For USA shipments, divide the cubic size in inches by 166 to determine dimensional weight in pounds. Increase any fraction to the next whole pound. For International shipments, divide the cubic size in inches by 139 to determine the dimensional weight.


Seems the least expensive way would be to ship the box flattened and let the customer erect and tape it up.
The foam seems to survive fine.