I just got an email I've waited close to 27 months for!

On 12/15/2017 I got an email asking for my address and of course I filled it out right away. Then a few days ago (12/27/2017) i got my package of PG materials and $50 code to Inventables (I already used it and they are shipping). Now today, just moments ago I checked my email again before bed and there is another email from GF with a UPS tracking number and UPS says its 2 packages for a total of 79 pounds and its due here on Friday (1/5/2017)! Guess what I’m expecting in the new year! It seems like this is suddenly happening very fast considering I’m in Michigan and California is pretty far, so if any one is keeping track of times it seems like mine is going to be at the 4 weeks mark. Guess I’ll have to hurry up and finish setting up the spot I was thinking if putting it?


Omg I’m not the only one. Hello my brother I also got mines today.


Considering I placed my basic order on 10/22/2015, I keep thinking to myself its about time (of course I’ve left out the obvious expletive).

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and yet you still don’t have the spot you were thinking of putting it ready? :wink:

Happened to all of us.

Well after waiting this long to get the first email in the first place I figured it might take the full six weeks some have been talking about.

Yep, that’s why it came in 4 :slight_smile: If you were counting on 2 or 3 like some, it’d have taken the full 6. It’s Murphy :smile: Mine clocked in just about 4 weeks too (and that’s with the week from CA to CT in the back of the UPS truck).