I just got THE email... you know the one!


It’s really happening!

The other day I saw the email from Dan with the new schedule and I was a little bummed, so I didn’t even bother looking at the forums for the update or anything. Then tonight I randomly checked email to see one from “Glowforge Customer Service” and thought, “No way… Don’t get your hopes up, it’ll be October. You ordered like 3 days before the crowdfund ended.”

Sure enough, I read the first line of the email and could not sit still! So for all of you who like me have resolved yourselves to wait a few more months, hang in there—it could be sooner than you think!

Thank you, @Dan. Thank you everyone at Glowforge for your hard work. Thank you to everyone on the forums for being so gracious and helpful throughout this long wait.

I’ve got a lot to do suddenly because I just put everything off not wanting to get my hopes up too soon. Space to clear, stuff to buy, designs to prioritize and create, and most of all—a lot of your forum posts to read, reread, bookmark, scour over, and internalize so I’m as ready as a designer (who’s never touched anything like this before in his life) can possibly be.


So envious! Hope you have a great experience with it!


Thanks! I’ll definitely do what I can to contribute on these forums when it gets here—it’s only fair since you guys have taught me so much already and all I could really do was sit back and say, “That’s cool,” all the time.


:squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee: :squee:


Whaaaht? Way to go! Seriously interesting order of deliveries! You will have so much fun!


I know, right? I’m not complaining though. I did sign-up for a beta unit after one of the delays so I wonder if the content of that application moved my name up the list (in addition to the fact that I ordered a basic & not a pro, I’ve been on the forums regularly—even if I haven’t been consistently commenting—not to mention any of the people ahead of me who asked for a refund in the last year and a half).


Oh dang! That’s saucy and awesome! Congrats. I also ordered around that time so here’s the ye ol’ fingers in the form of someone desperately waiting for the bathroom! Can’t wait to see what you make!


Awesome! You will have so much fun!


Not fair! I preordered a basic unit on day one! So jealous!




Awesome! Congratulations! :grin: :+1:




So cool! :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Congratulations, friend! Can’t wait to see what you bring into the world.


I am really excited for you! Congratulations! :grin:

Good luck with the preparations. :four_leaf_clover:
I have read over 100k posts and I still don’t feel ready.


Congratulations! Love the Psych GIF :slight_smile:


Just got mine last night as well!!! I’ve been offline all weekend, came back and there are a TON of topics to catch up on. My current posts read count is over 130K at this point and I still have at least 50 topics to open and go through! So very excited for all of us to receive our forever forges and look forward to seeing what you all do.


Congrats! Now I have to go watch psych… curse Netflix for removing it…



Congrats!!! So exciting to see all the emails going out :fireworks: :fireworks: :fireworks: