I just purchased this file from Etsy

Wondering if anyone can help me here. I just purchased this file to make a cover for a yearly planner, I downloaded the file and I’m not getting anything to open in Inkscape. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or not. I hope it’s okay to share the file so you can look at it to see if it opens okay for you. If you don’t mind trying it and let me know if there’s something I’m missing here, I’d really appreciate it! And let me know if this is a big no-no. I wasn’t sure but thought I’d ask.


You really should not be sharing a purchased file.

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I understand. I was hoping whoever would look at it for me would be honest and not save it for themselves.

The svg file opens fine for me in Inkscape.

You can actually see the design pattern?

Try this. I got it to open…

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Thank you so much! The only thing that would open at all for me was a half cutoff picture of a wolf or something.

I believe you should delete this post since you have resolved the issue so that the purchased file does not remain here.

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I am planning to do that…but now I can’t get back to @gamn1958 to download the pattern.

tried to download what just upload and didn’t bring in the wolf…

right click the line drawing in the @gamn1958 post and save as svg.

I assume you extracted the file, right?

Thank you so much! I got it. I’m not sure how to delete all of this post.

Click the three dots in your original post and select the trash can.

It said I didn’t have permission to do that, so I flagged it and sent a message. Thank you, again, @dklgood and @gamn1958!

This opened for me as well. When I opened it, it is half a wolf, however, if you hit the - key, it zooms out and you can see the whole project.

Thank you!! I have it, and I did edit my post now so I have the file taken off. I appreciate everyone’s help with this! :blush:


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