I keep trying to click print on this and nada

I keep trying to click print it starts to do the preparing thing then goes back to the works space no error.
conference bingo

engrave on the words, engrave on the 1x1 squares so they can hold the piecese cut on the tiles and cut on the game board
svg attached I hope

hows the file look

SVG < /a>
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very very tiny.


mine upload doesn’t look any better.

when I opened the file in illustrator it complained about an error about “jokerman”

my upload is fine

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this is where I get stuck and then it just dumps back to the work space

finally worked just kept trying

good god one game set is an 1:15 lol

Files looks good. You might want to select all the vectored text blocks and combine them. They are all separate objects right now. See if that makes a difference. Same with the yellow engraves. Select them all and combine them. See if that works.

1/2 of a Scrabble board was about three hours to do.


my inkscape skills suck I don’t know how to do what you describe :frowning: I created a bunch of box’s and connected them … and then I didn’t know how to make a measure grid so I did that in fusion and then imported the dxf and did a color fill and drew a box around it

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Whatever works for you. It’s nice. You can either use the clone tool (a bit weird at first to understand) or the align and distribute, which is much easier. There are a couple other tools in the object menu. Arrange is what you are looking for here. I’m just impressed that you were able to get a DXF into Inkscape and have it come our right. It was one of the reasons why I bailed on learning Fusion and went with OnShape.

does any one elese UI show every action as grey ? I wish it showed the color swatch that we used in the graphics tool

A few things -

I also received a font warning about Jokerman that stated

An unknown problem occurred.

Seems like more than a missing font problem… but, I also can’t see anywhere an existing font (not outlined) is. Still investigating that.

As far as what you’re seeing, it looks like it has a lot to plan!

I’m seeing 985 paths, of which 21 are considered open, 964 closed - that are made up of 16,039 points (nodes).

Is this possibly an issue with having a large number of points in the file?

Edit to add - and possibly an issue with open paths, depending on what you’re wanting to do with them.

ya got the font thing as well but ther eis no jokerman font at one point I clicked in inkscpae but didn’t use it so I don’t know if there is a elment the didn’t get deleted

how do you look up those stats ?

Text converted to paths have lots and lots of nodes, so that isn’t too big of a deal in general, but this has a lot of them. In general I combine blocks of text like this and I have been less likely to hang up because of the number of objects. Problem is that when you uncombine, then the text paths can go haywire and unravel.


Illustrator has a window for Document Info. I don’t know if Inkscape has a comparable feature.


cleaned up a little, anyway things appear to be working now I just have to find a time when no neighbor is around for an hour and half :frowning:


I loaded this as you posted and I downloaded. Put it into the GFUI and it looks good to go.

I did open it in Inkscape and noted a few things about the file that you might want to change. The outer green box around the grid of yellow squares is hiding a black square around the whole grid. I assume the black lines breaking up the yellow squares are meant to be scored. So that final score around the outside isn’t necessary if you care cutting. Second. I would make the color of the cutting for the tiles with the text a different color for the cutting of the board box. That will give you a little more flexibility as you do this in operations of what to turn on and off. As it is, you will have to do the whole thing unless you delete the grid of yellow.

Also the yellow has a very fine stroke around each square. Since you have the thicker black strokes, you don’t need that stroke around the engraving. Your scores will serve the same purpose. At least that’s how I would do it.

Now this screen grab is interesting. After combining the text squares into one object and the grid of yellow squares into one, it lengthened the print time. Ok, never mind. That was because the 43 minute one didn’t engrave the yellow boxes. It defaulted to cut because of the stroke around the yellow boxes.



I see two things:

Second thumbnail down you want to convert to an engrave. Those squares have a stroke and a fill, and that defaults to cut. you actually want those to be an engrave.

Third thumbnail down you’ll want to convert the lines that run between the engraved squares into Scores, otherwise they’ll cut them out individually. Maybe that’s confusing the interface. (It doesn’t like to have two cutlines lying on top of each other.)

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Ya not sure why there is extra lines at all I only ever intended to engrave and cut never intended a score, but I’m in bed now so for another day. Thanks all for checking. Inkscape is tough all the tiny buttons
. Heck I couldn’t even figure out to great dimensinal drawings in it but anyway

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I was going nuts with my new Surface Book. The toolbar icons were so small. I finally went to preferences under the edit menu and then went to Interface and changed all the icons to larger. That helped.

Edit: and I played around with the Object > Arrange tool. If you can make a square of a given dimension by typing the measures in the W and H dimension boxes up below the menus, Select the object and in the path menu turn object to path. Select the box and hit Ctrl + D (for duplicate) as many times as you need. In this case, twentyfour times will give you the original box plus twentyfour stacked on top. Window select around the whole group of boxes (or Ctrl A if that’s all you have thus far on the design board. Then under Object, Arrange at the very bottom. This will allow you to create a 5 x 5 grid with an exact spacing in between. Set your parameters and hit apply and now you will have a nice grid of twenty five squares.



Thank you so much for the description; we’ll keep looking into what happened. Since you’re on track to print now, I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks again for letting us know about this!

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