I know Inkscape - should I learn CorelDraw/Illustrator?

Are there significant benefits in learning how to use either Corel Draw or Illustrator?

Are they better in a way that’s useful?

Are they quicker? Are they easier?

Are the power features worthwhile?

Obviously they are both more extensive than Inkscape, but is it worth the effort to relearn?

I don’t think it’s worth it. Inkscape can pretty much do anything 2D most people would ever need. If anything I would say learn a 3D program like Fusion 360 to expand your capabilities.


There are some automated features and operations that seem more effective on Illustrator from what I read on the forum. Corel seems to work well from what people say, although there are some svg export stuff that needs to be set right.

I only use Inkscape and it does a super job.

I agree with @josephtpage. You might be better off spending the time with a 3D design program instead. I use OnShape and it has extended my range of projects quite nicely.


I primarily use Fusion 360 and then do a few things in Inkscape, Word, or CorelDraw.

I’d download the free and see if you can do anything faster in it.
It has some tools that Inkscape does not but I don’t know if they would make a difference to you. Only you can answer that.

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I have used AutoCAD for many years, 3DMax, Corel since v3.0 , and a number of other 3D programs no longer extant. Corel had a great 3d ability at one time, but they killed it.

Today I am using mainly three programs. Inkscape for vector graphics, Gimp for pixel graphics, and Blender for 3D. Irfanview for image management and really quick graphic stuff like cropping and stuff you can do to the whole image, which in the number of times I use it it is more often than Gimp, but most stuff is just a bit of cropping or color balances and Iranview can do the job and be gone before other programs can start up.

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I regularly need to resize/rename batches of images for work and Irfanview has saved me so much time! I also use Inkscape and Gimp primarily.

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