I know there are some Futurama fans here! (link to "Fan-O-Rama" video on YouTube)


Just published, I think. Just started it, myself; seems good so far!


At the end of the video there is an advertisement for Death Clock. The scrolling disclaimer for the product is hillarious. Freeze the frames and read it. Probably similar to the safety disclaimers for the Glowforge.:neutral_face:


I really miss that series…


I just rewatched the entire thing on Netflix (minus the episode about Fry’s dog), and now I miss it all over again. Its so good. There are so many jokes I didn’t catch the first time around.


The DVD commentary is actually pretty entertaining as well. It’s been years since I watched it (and I actually only watched the commentary for seasons 1 - 4, I believe), but I remember it bringing me a whole new level of appreciation for it. They also give many insights into some of the jokes and scenes in the show.


I rate it 3 (out of 5) thumbs up. Needed more Hypnotoad.


Futurama is my favorite Matt Groening creation, and one of my all time favorite shows.
I only gave Adventure Time a chance because of John DiMaggio’s voicework and when I saw the episode with the entire voice cast from Futurama I almost Squee’d my pants!


Yeah, I had a booth next to them at ComicCon this year. Their stuff was… interesting.


I’ll have to watch this later. I loved Futurama.


Makes me want to bend stuff…