I like these new settings


I really like these new settings, especially 3d engrave. Here is the dragon I have etched before with no changes to the file:

Here is a unicorn silhouette which burned way too deep

Then this done with the new graphic engrave setting.

And then the same design, but with additional contrast and greys, then inverted and 3d engraved.

I am really happy with these!:blush:


Very nice!
Man, I haven’t had this much fun in years. Exploring materials and settings… it’s like a treasure hunt.


That last one is excellent. It looks like cover art for a fantasy novel


Me too! Every morning I find myself being excited about doing something…anything…with Glowria on that given day. I’ve had nothing quite like that in my life until now. (sounds a sad state of affairs, eh?) My projects come out at a much slower pace, now… than when I first got a Glowforge, because now I’m spending more time learning to design and using draft board to make ‘test’ pieces before I screw up some good stuff. But finally I’m coming up with some quality things. I love what I’m learning!


I have the same desire, but nowhere NEAR enough time to actually sit down and DO. I haven’t touched the GF since last week :disappointed_relieved:

BUT, I’ve been doing a bunch in my workshop to prep wood for more laser goodness. My family is doing Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, and I’m working hard to prep all the Christmas Gifts early. The big one taking almost all my time is the Catan Board. The tiles and everything are about 95% done, and now I have to start working on building the case to hold it all in. (Pictures will be forthcoming :smiley: )


Wife & kids will be away for the weekend.

Will I slob off and do nothing?
Do things around the house that need doin’?
Play with new Glowforge settings?
All of the above?
None of the above?

Time will tell…


I’m betting on this one…but, certainly could be another way for you. Weird as it may seem, I reward myself with fun time, by doing things that need to be done, first. I’ve always been that way and for me, it works well. Fun gets negated when there’s guilt attached! Whichever way you spend the weekend, I hope you have a blast!


I really love the last one!