I lost the ear saver sheet that is in min my galley

The ear saver sheet that you guys put on the gallery for all of us I lost it because I was trying to print it and it automatically went into the glow Forge and I was trying to not resize it but try to move it where I could have a better ability for me to print and for me to use as much real estate as possible and I couldn’t refresh it or anything so I said let me delete it and let me bring it back in like a normal file showing off I deleted it I brought it back in and there’s no fail could you reinstate that file for me please thank you

Do you to the fact that I am planning on doing 5000 years favors in the next four days thank you


If you mean that the ear savers cut and engrave figures have disappeared from the file, since it is a Glowforge-supplied file you can always click on the three vertical dots in the menu bar, then click on Design Details and choose Reset Design. Note that this only works for a Glowforge-supplied designs.


That’s the easy way, and if that doesn’t work, there’s also a copy on the Glowforge web site:



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