I love my Island

Puerto Rican coasters and box


Thanks @ptodd for asking how I was going to protect the coasters from “sweating” drinks and spills. To be honest I didn’t think of sealer them because I don’t use them they are just decorative for me. But I need to think of my customers that are going to use them. I remembered I had a can of clear Felx Seal understand my kitchen sink so I use it and I like how it came out.




Had a buddy from Puerto Rico named Rick Risado… He would always quote this in his best Irish accent when referring to his home country, lol

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They look great! Wondering how will you protect them from “sweating” drinks and spills?

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I really used to enjoy going to Roosevelt Roads every January from a miserably cold Halifax Nova Scotia. It was our annual paint ship routine. Off every day at 1300 hours to enjoy the beach and the beer.

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I really didn’t think of that! I may have to go out and get some wood or epoxy sealer.

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