I Love My Robot Laser

It’s back there cranking away as I type this.
Used to be if you put the tool down, things stopped happening. This order is going to bring me up to 7,000 of these things.

Same kind of thing, two different outfits - except my Daughter is the executive director of the one in the second pic (she gets a better price- and got me the job of the second one).
(The font on the periphery and the back is “Hobo Standard” :+1:)

Anyway, this thing has introduced me to the worlds of CNC and digital design. I couldn’t be more pleased.


That’s such a magnanimous project…can’t believe you’re up to 7000 of them though. (When do you sleep?) :smile:


What are they used for? I mean, I see you can get a “free lunch”, but how are they distributed?


Companies sponsor and distribute them to employees to hand out to the people on the corner with a sigh in their hands. You can’t buy drugs or alcohol with it.

I keep wondering, if they come back… why do keep needing more? I really dunno, she’s the director and I’m just a guy with a laser in his basement.


Looking for an income opportunity… don’t think that model would work for me here…

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I didn’t buy the laser to make any money, strictly self indulgement. In spite of that, it’s paid for itself - +.


As I’m currently not working, that’s why this sparked my interest…

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I understand. It helps me to realize that in spite of all the worrying I did, I made it to 64 - I’ll make it to 65.
God Luck in you search. :+1:


this is so fun and so simple, it’s stuff like this that got me into glowforge. Actually bought mine with the intent of making a little money

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Well, I wasn’t even trying, so that tells me there is an opportunity out there.

Also I just happened to finish a test project of my own a few minutes ago. My previous one was quite popular with my coworkers, so here hoping to making a couple extra $$



Nice! Keep after it!

Hi @PrintToLaser,

Love it!

I have one suggestion, if you don’t mind. I make lots of circular objects. If you stagger them with a horizontal shift of a half-circle every other row, then you can move the rows closer vertically and get in a lot more of them per sheet.
instead of:

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That’s a lot of engraving time!

I think I’d be tempted to engrave a rubber stamp with say 9 pieces ganged up on it then laser the blanks and ink 'em… that’s only 780 ink impressions! :crazy_face:


I don’t mind a suggestion at all. :+1:

Thanks for the input!

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