I’m back lol

Haven’t been on here for a min but I’m back with a few things i’ve Been working on

  1. Made some coasters for my best friend business out of Ash Hardboard Tempered

  2. Engraved a 3 part compilation of our wedding book cover that I design a wile back and decided to put it on wood from lowes then put a glaze coat over it and cut some letters n crazy glued them on top. Wanted to do it in 3 part just to mimic the mirror like designs.

  3. Finished making my passport holder w one of my logos on it. I embossed the logo, and stained parts in red. Learned along the way that the stain will work better on the leather being wet so when it dries it dries evenly and u might see on the front it looks even (that’s because it was still wet) n even though i wet the back part it wasn’t soaking wet. I use 5oz witch was a little to thick but overall im happy with the results. The logo didn’t emboss everywhere evenly but can’t complain.


Gosh, your projects all came out amazing! Nice work!


Thank you @cynd11 been kinda busy with few projects lol still learning the forge :joy:

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Your engraving is fantastic. The shading and contrast are as good as any photograph. Your passport cover also looks very professional. :smiley:


@davidgal2 thank you so much :blush:

Oh yeah…love the wood panels! Awesome decorative accent! :grinning:


That wedding album cover seems like the kind of thing you could sell to wedding photographers as a service! That’s awesome. Really like the leather work too.


Nice going! Totally love the passport cover … But all your projects are great!

Thanks @jules appreciated

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Thanks @henryhbk yes in the future I will ad it to my business. As soon as my wedding invitations business picks up that will be one of my services. Thanks again

Thank you @ptodd