I’m sorry to share this new font

Mono spaced comic sans variant.

It’s easy to rag on comic sans but it is good for people with dyslexia so here we are.


Meh…I don’t know why it is so hated. I actually love Comic Sans and my new favorite for GF stuff is Segoe Print. It is light, crisp, easily legible, and engraves in no time.


All depends on your design. I personally don’t like its aesthetic; it’s uneven and contrasts with more structured design elements. Imagine a exquisitely inlaid box with flourishes and motifs carefully arranged and in best rows, a whimsical lumpy font just looks wrong.

So yeah I think it just has no place in more thoughtful designs. Also, people will use it in official business correspondence and it’s just so out of place.

Anyway. Like I said, hating it is a little ableist… I simply don’t like the way it looks, it offends my design sensibilities.

But by the same argument, if my design is a comic book character taking a whiz on a Covid germ, that would look out of place if I used your pretty filigree font to say “Take that, 2020”. Yet I never see anyone hate on Olde English or one of the elegant Script fonts. Everything has a place and a use.

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If this is your design the font choice is the least of your sins :stuck_out_tongue:

And trust me when I assure you that I absolutely will go off on script fonts. They’re a pox, @geek2nurse has heard me gripe about them more times than I can count.


Not awful, but it probably won’t be replacing Consolas in my Emacs buffer.

It’s only the second worst font. It has a ways to go before it’s as bad as papyrus! Papyrus is the most over used font for hand crafted items, shops, photographers, you name it. That being said, I guess it might not be that it is that "bad, just that it is that over used and lacks all creativity in font choice these days.

Wow, More whipping on horse soup…

It is deserved.

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