I made a Facebook topic spinner - something goofy or hilarious- Facebook


Live in a small town outside Orlando Florida, and there is a Facebook group I enjoy. The same sort of topics seem to always come up, so I was thinking about a laser dice set or something to let you pick a new topic. A spinner, like in the board games of my childhood seemed a great way to present.


Cute idea! :grinning:


Could have uses for various games!


Omigosh! I live in a small town, too…10,100ish. We also have a local FB page and the same darned questions get asked here, too. This is so funny. I mean even the one about the helicopters (National Guard helicopters fly over here occasionally on maneuvers, not to mention a life-flight one, too.) What is that noise? Why is there smoke? Lost dog, lost kitty or bunny…and as yours says…what kind of snake it this? what kind of spider is this? How can I get rid of this?..and on and on. What a very small world we live in.


It was a very popular post on Facebook! Folks started sharing other ones I could add. Hard to read, but one says “Ask or tag the mayor” because folks will tag him for EVERYTHING



Where I grew up that population would be considered the big city!
I’m friends with most people from my hometown and it’s exactly the same. Even though I live 300+ miles away in another state.


Hilarious! I’ll keep my eyes peeled in case you make one about this forum :slight_smile: